Time for another water pump


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There's a pink puddle under my Jeep that feels slick on my fingers . Looks like my water pump is leaking.

I see that rock auto has a gates water pump for $43

And a Mopar one for $187.

Do you guys think it's worth going with the Mopar? I'm sure it's better, and I'm not keen on doing this multiple times, but that's a good chunk of change.


You can see a drip coming down here:


Hard to get a good picture, but it looks wet under the pump:


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As a follow up, Rockauto is recommending that I also replace the fan clutch.
They don't offer the Mopar like this, only the Gates

Is this necessary, or would I just be replacing my stock fan clutch with a possibly inferior one?

Screenshot 2024-01-30 162357.png

If it were me, I'd go with the best water pump sold by AutoZone and skip the fan clutch if it is currently working.

Though I might go with the clutch if I had high mileage, say over 100K.
I buy most of my parts at AutoZone opting for the parts with a lifetime warranty. I've gotten good service out of most of their parts although I can't remember the last time I had to change out a water pump on anything other than my tractor.

Gates makes a good water pump. Just stay away from any yhat have a metal impeller. It failed fast and didn’t pump well.

As far as the clutch? If it is not broken do not fix it.

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Back on the road again!

I ended up getting a genuine Mopar waterpump for only $91. It was an Amazon warehouse return (i.e. someone bought and returned it). It was a bit of a gamble, but the pump looked pristine and came with the gasket (the box itself was beat to heck).



The job ended up not being too bad, largely because of some of the tools I picked up lately.
These hose clamp pliers make life so much easier, especially on the larger clamps. They lock into place, holding the hose clamp loose



I picked up a new 1/4 torque wrench to use on the bolts. I think it clocked in at $10 on sale at Harbor Freight.


I used some thread sealant on the bolts. I've heard that's necessary as they pierce the water jacket.


and my good old hose pliers


I went ahead and used genuine Mopar coolant as well. It's only $20 a jug for concentrate on Amazon
Genuine Mopar Parts 68048953AB Antifreeze/Coolant - 1 Gallon Bottle

Hopefully I'm good for another 172k miles before I have to do this again.
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I noticed what I think is another problem. My fan is fully engaged 100% of the time.
Right now the Jeep is stone cold, and I can't spin the fan by hand. If I really pull on it, I can get the entire belt to move, but the fan doesn't spin freely.

From what I understand, this means the fan clutch is bad. Does that sound right to you guys?

The fan should turn 1.5-2 times with a good push. If it doesn’t move or if it spins several times the clutch is done..

Was the engine up to temp or stone cold?

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Factory fan clutch was 100% seized. Even when the Jeep set overnight. I installed a new four seasons fan clutch and I can move it by hand. I can't really spin it more than halfway by flicking my wrist, but it does move. I'll take it on interstate tomorrow and see how it performs.

I've heard that a locked up fan clutch can reduce power and fuel mileage, so we'll see if that improves.


Not sure if it was just my eye or not but the old one seemed to wobble a bit. I'm wondering if the locked up fan clutch was what killed my water pump.

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Maybe. Though your pump is driven by pulley the fan is connected to it. If the fan was out of balance there would be more strain on the pump bushing.

Did your pump wobble before removing or did it just leak?

When the engine just reaches temp the fan should spin a bit.

Yes gust like a locked AC clutch or alternator. A locked fan is higher load on the engine forcing it to work harder to maintain same rpm. For that to happen you press a bit more on the skinny pedal.
Also too cool an engine burns more gas if it does not reach 195 deg.

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