TJ Muffler


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Hello everyone! Just wondering what's the best sounding muffler on an 03 2.4l TJ or should I do a straight pipe?

I don't know too much about mufflers (still running stock on my 05), but would running a straight pipe be legal where you live?
Well, it depends on the sound you want -- deep, loud, etc. I have Magnaflow performance muffler, and it has a nice deep mellow tone.
I have the full Banks system, it's pretty loud but doesn't sound bad. I put the cat-back system on first but it was loud even before I got the header. I will probably get a Magnaflow the next time. I can hear my daughter coming a block away.

Banks monster exhaust sounds good. The muffler is a straight through pipe with fiberglass baffles.
I've got the 2.5L and a Pacesetter header, and a stock cat, and a flowmaster 40 series single in dual out. It's obnoxious loud. But you can piece your own together as such. The flowaster wouldsound better after my new high flow cat and supercharger. But I'm gonna go back tp header, high flow cat, and stock muffler and run an electric dump cut out after the cat. Power and loudness on demand.

I would be sure that performance is gained over noise. Most factory motors are designed for some back pressure in them. Being loud may be bringing performance down. Besides, loud motors are only cool when you hear them screaming at 8000 + rpm :D
I would straight pipe it , but go a little bigger on pipe size to give it a throater sound. Listen to how loud the deisel pickups
are in your town. I know where I live here in North Dakota they dont seem to care how loud they are . If you get any complaints then put a glasspack on it and call it done. Have fun while you can.