Update - Help Rescue A Dog - Update


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I just wanted to tell you all thanks for the donations. Unfortunately we weren't able to get Oreo off the installation. He's still hanging around, but I haven't seen him in a few weeks. I know some of you said to keep the money and donate it to another charity or take my wife out to dinner, but I really didn't feel right about that. My wife refunded your money by way of Paypal I think and you should see it back in your account already or very soon.

It's so great to have a group of friends like you to count on for stuff like this. I really appreciate all the encouragement and good feelings you keep sending my way.


Hopefully, in about 3 months from today I'll be back on American soil. I CAN'T WAIT! Today the mercury was hangin out at 125!
Wow that is hot! I figured that something went awry when I got a refund in my Paypal account. Glad to at least hear he's still around.

Here's to a really quick and uneventful three months:beer:

TwistedCopper said:
Here's to a really quick and uneventful three months:beer:

X2!!!! And I'm gonna hold ya to it, too!! If yer not back in 3 months, I'm comin' after ya....me and Tom Hanks and some dude named Ryan.....:D