What are these things under my Wrangler TJ's battery?


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I was working on my 2005 TJ, and pulled the battery out. Under the battery there were two things that caught my eye:

1. the battery plate has what appears to be a pressure switch. Is that what it is? I'm guessing it cuts power if the battery "escapes" it's tray. Is that correct?

2. under the tray, there is a box with what appears to be a vacuum line coming in, but nothing else. It's bolted to the fender. I have no idea what this is.

Can anyone ID this stuff?


That?s Joe and Frank.

That ?pressure switch? is a battery temp sensor. Lets the PCM know battery temp so it doesn?t overcharge when hot.

The vacuum line box is a vacuum reservoir. If removed or cracked your HVAC control will stop working. Some models had vacuum lockers that would branch off of the box.

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I would have never guessed either of those!

The battery temp sensor has a spring on it, I assume so that it can stay pressed up against the battery. Pretty cool design.

That vacuum box on mine came loose and was the source of a rattle that took me a very long time for me to find. Like months of looking, removing things, tightening things and so on. It was very frustrating.

i hppe my 94 wrangler is a basic beast without all the cool $hit yall got.