What did you do to your Jeep today?

After a day of " full moon" patients at the hospital came home, took the doors off, and took a well deserved stress relieving Jeep ride with my girls!! ;)

The roar of the tires is all the music I need.
Changed the solenoid, starter, wires, and serpentine belt. SSecond starter in Seven days, I told the guy the gear looked funny

Gave it a nice coat of mud. Had a blast doing what jeepz were born to do.


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Washed inside and out and shined up the tires. Now I'm getting ready to go for a relaxing ride... if these clouds leave I'll drop the top.

I extended my spare tire bump stops, cost less than $8 :piratenanner:

I used 1 1/2'' pvc pipe $2.68


bought M6 x100x50 and M6x100x65 bolts (about $2.50 a pack the shorter bolts were 4pk and the longer were 2pk


and cut a slot in them so I could use a flathead screw driver on them


painted the pipe black


and the finished product

Vacuumed all the cherry blossom leaves out earlier, I got tired of them flying around when the top was down...

Guess I had some built up energy and got on it hard through all 4 gears. Got home and was rewarded with a cracked engine mount bracket. fun, fun...
Tried to replace the steering stabilizer. Fought with it for about an hour, no go. Changed the o2 sensor. Replaced the spark plugs. Found out the gaps were set at around .058 gap from the previous owner. Set new ones to .040 and man does it idle better. Later in the week planning to change to an electric fan.
did i mention already put the new rims and tires :) :) ? i think i did but they look so cool i will put them in this thread too


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did i mention already put the new rims and tires :) :) ? i think i did but they look so cool i will put them in this thread too

Nice! I love the all black wheel and tire look.
got mine ready for a new HP30 in front and regeared and built up axle in back, all new shocks, springs, upper control arms, steering box brace, truetracs, new steering, tummy tuck skid plate, new everything except housings from the frame down :D


I installed the 4.0 tb into my 2.5 today. And I have to say that the response is a a lot smoother and a lot quicker. I'm very happy with it