What did you do to your Jeep today?

Took the dogs for a ride to day, fun was had by all. Had to cut the gorrila tape from drain holes. I'm cheap,huh , Cheap with my jeep. OMG I gotta .

Dog scratch fever, thats my baby doll. Ill try to post pic , maybe.
I flooded my Rubicon. I did a water crossing that was easy last year but it was deeper after 18 hours of downpour. I removed all of the carpeting, dried & vacuumed everything. I sprayed a generous amount of WD40 on everything so any water that I missed should be a non issue. I tried to use this as an excuse to bed line it but the CFO didn't see it that way...


I did the same thing 6 months ago, but it was the first time I had ever removed all the carpet from my 2005 TJ. I ended up having to pressure wash the metal floor and carpet because everything was so dirty.

made the 10 hour drive home in the tj. no reverse isn't bad when you have good parking. and possible death wobble at highway speeds makes those 10 hours feel really long. we actually only got it a few times on the whole trip from lubbock to corpus and i found out if i keep the rpms on the highway at 2k, i get 17mpg.
i found out if i keep the rpms on the highway at 2k, i get 17mpg.

Same thing on my JK, above 2k rpm the mpg drops drastically. I also get better mpg if I don't use cruise control - it's too quick to downshift and too slow to upshift.
that is not an issue, the cruise control, ha ha ha. since this is an old mail jeep, whoever originally ordered it for their rural route skipped getting cruise control. but you are right, not using cruise on other vehicles makes for better gas mileage because of the same reason you spoke of, shift points.

i didn't try going up that much higher in speeds but did notice that at a few points where i had to get up to 75mph, which raised the rpms upto almost 2500, i think, did bring us down to 15mpg. my son drove it doing 80mph the whole way from colorado springs to lubbock and he said he always gets in the 12-14mpg range.

I looked at the doors of my jeep, seen dog scratches they wanted in. I kinda like my raggety Dan jeep.
When moving here there were 2-3 months where i was driving back and forth on the weekend. Drive was roughly 525 miles one way. I kept very tight notes on mpg and here is what I noted.
Yes keep it at 65 mph or between 1850 and 2100 rpm.
Tire pressure makes a difference.
The gas makes a difference. Low or no ethanol is by best.

For calculating try to use the same volume. Full to empty or when the light comes on? if you fill on 1/4 tank use the 0.1 or 0.2 gal you squeeze in is a larger variance in mpg calculation. And if you fill to the neck that is another gallon.

85 mi /5 gal =17 mpg
85mi/ 5.2 gal = 16.3 mpg
4.1% error

306/18 =17
1.1% error

My max was 21 mpg if hypermile it and 19 if just keeping it at 65-68 mph.
Hypermile was letting gravity take you over 65 downhill and loosing speed up hill to downshift keeping rpm low. Feathering the gas on flat. and not passing but drafting with big trucks. No AC! But keep you hvac on cold and high to keep the air moving. Positive cabin pressure.

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Adjusted the tailgate after installing reinforcement kit to handle 31 inch / 10.5 inch wide spare all terrain tire.
I need to know/find out the exact torque specifications, so that I can apply a torque wrench to the tailgate bolts because I found out after loosening only 2 of 4 ?tailgate? henge bolts when the tailgate moved, so those bolts must have maximum torque applied or else the tailgate reinforcement is just a gimmick?it?s the bolts that count
I used to brake bolts so, without torque specifications this whole endeavor is silly; I?m not going to over-tighten blindly.

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just from experience, you can feel the pressure in your hand tightening bplts to there max with out a torque wrench. I suggest to you is go get a dozen 1/4 20 nuts and bolts and experiment tightening them. The fiest 3 tighten till you strip them, keeping in mindyour hand pressure. after a few tries you well know the lim9t on the threads you are tightening. You well relize it, just pay attention to your hand pressure and at what pressure the threads are gonna strip. Once you have the feeling, like rideing a bicycle, it well never lesve. wheather it is 1/4 20 threads or 1/2 12 threads dont matter. the touch well be the same.
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i got new lift springs, a little shorter than the ones on it, i looked at the front steering and suspension, and then i pulled it up in front of the garage
Getting too difficult to crawl in..?? Shorter springs?

They stiffer or softer?

Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up - Jesse Jackson

wife complained about the height since she is shorter. hoping they are a little softer since i don't remember what brand the taller ones are. it wasn't a horrible ride but i would much rather have a super soft ride than a stiffer one. saw some bilsteins 5100 for sale on marketplace for a tj, whole set for like 150 or 200 bucks. i might get those, too. i have 5100s on my full size half ton and the ride is much smoother than stock shocks were.
today I planted rubber ducky on top of my dash. I was at the local rural convience store down the road from me, takeing a friend to get beer. Right before we left this gal comes up to me and gives me this cute rubber ducky. I was shocked. She had a jk jeep which I had been admireing . Said she was local gal and had seen me around and wanted to give me the rubber duck, cute little guy. I'll post a pic. My Buddy was a little drunk and hindered conversation a little. But that was so cool.

todays find on second mountain, had a hard time uploading pics. Coming down second mountain I spotted this little one, took pics while watching out for mama, anouther cool day. Still had a spot of blood on its snout.


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another pic, it had walked around a little, walked right up to me. Didnt dare touch it cause mama might reject it. went and layed down by the jeep.


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I dont recommend taking pics like I did. Mama could have burst out of the brush at any moment. I was taking a chance.

Last time I saw one that little/young I was coming up my mountain driveway. I could have opened my jeep door and scooped it up. Never saw the mama but knew it had to be close by.