YJ Subwoofers


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Would it be hard to hook up a subwoofer and amp to my ‘92 YJ? I’ve looked at a lot being privately sold but would I need to buy extra wiring and mounts for it?

Wow just seeing this. Hard is relative to your experience and ability. No it isn't hard but check crutch field out for all the comparable parts and wiring.


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I had a Select Increments Stealth Pod, its a 10" sub that you can put on or take off special hangers you install. I put a 10" kicker sub and a 500 mono amp which i just attached to the sub. The cool part is you can take it off by just unplugging it, and lift off the mounts.
Sounded great, and they couldn't jack it anymore. Think wth the enclosure, sub, and amp was under a G