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    Ive got hard doors on my cj7 and there starting to get a little rough one doesnt lock and the other doesnt open from the outside (thanks to a big pond and a little tree) anyways i was wondering what model jeeps hard doors will fit on my jeep im fixin to paint it and wanted to get em beforehand from a junkyard somewhere?????

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    Cluster stopped working on 98 Sahara

    YJ wrangler (87-95) and CJ7 doors from 82-86 are all the same. The 76-81 doors had the old style latching mechansim. All will fit a CJ7, but if you get some that have a different style door handle than you have now you'll have to change to whatever style latch those doors use (earlier use a turning handle on the outside and have a striker plate the door latches on and the later doors use the flat paddle style handle on the outside and use a striker pin)
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    So I have a 1976 CJ7 but had to find later model doors thinking 84 or newer. Any suggestions on how to mount the sticker plate?

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    Re: what hard doors will fit my cj7??

    i guess it doesn't just swap out, since you are asking? i put older doors on my 87 yj and had to make a plate for the latch to hit but i never looked at putting a striker pin for the older style body side of a jeep. how does the body side look?

    hopefully someone else knows the answer to this
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