1. 1043973

    I have access to a 77 FS Wagoneer with a 401, TH400, Quadratrac, and Dana 44's front and back. Has anyone out there swapped this combo into a YJ before? I believe that you could get this same combo, (304 instead of the 401), in the CJ7. I would love to know what I'm going to be up against. I have fabricating experience and the equipment to do what would be necessary but have never done much with Jeeps.

    Let me know what you think.[addsig]

  2. 1043995

    Quadratrac is junk. Wagner blew it on that one. Advance adapters isn´t as customer friendly as they once were, but with a little perserverance you could probably get to talk to an engineer. I´ve seen a few 360´s swapped into CJ´s, all it really required was motor mounts, a new radiator and an ignition module. [addsig]

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