Parking brake cables for lifted YJ, how?


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We have a 94 YJ Wrangler Sahara with 3.5 inch spring lift plus 1/2 inch lift from 1 inch extended boomerang shackles. So, 4 inches total.

I need advice on how to handle the rear parking brake cables. I've searched for extended cables and relocation brackets.

A solution would be greatly appreciated.

We will have a similar issue for the ABS sensor cables. Any thoughts on whether we should cut and splice them versus fabricating a hangar to drop them.

This is my first post. If it is smarter to separate the e cable question and the ABS question into two posts please let me know.

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The maker of your lift should either sell or have referrals to extended parking brake and extended ABS cables. I suggest checking their web site or giving them a call.

My Rubicon Long Arm kit came with everything I needed fir the parking brake. My Jeep is pre-ABS so I did not have that hurdle to cross.
Thanks for your response Jeepergeo. I'm helping out my son with this project and unfortunately he did not start with a kit if that is what you meant by the "maker of the lift". I have referred to the websites and installation pdfs of kit makers for clues but have yet to pick up the phone. Surely my son knows the spring maker. I will start there.