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    Transmission or transfer case?

    Hello. I have a 77 jeep cj5 304 with a T150 transmission. Question: I'm getting a rattling noise while coasting in gear with the clutch pushed in. this is the only time I get the noise. I was under the jeep today (only had it a month), it looks like a new T150, not even dirty. i drained it and got quite a bit of very small shavings in what looked to be pretty new 90weight. The yoke where the transfer case hooks up to the rear drive shaft has some play, and there is evidence of fluid leaking around the shift linkage for the transfer case. Wondering if the shavings migrated to the transmission from the transfer case? I was thinking the transmission was bad, but now i wonder if it isn't the transfer case (dana 20)? New info. No noise in 4wd neutral regardless of clutch position. I get noise while coasting, clutch in in all gears. Ya think it is the transfer case?
    any opinions?
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