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    Lug Nuts

    So I am trying to get a spare tire for my 02 wrangler from the same guy we bought the jeep from. Unfortunately, he has no idea where the spare is, so he is trying to get me a wheel from a chevy. Uh, he says that chevy's lug dimension is a 5 on 5, but i have no idea what that means, and no idea what it is for a jeep. All i know is that I have 5 lug bolds on each wheel. Any Help? The tires and wheels i have are 33x12.5 Goodyear Wrangler MT/R's and I have 15x10 American Racing Ventura wheels, I believe.

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    Your pattern in 5 on 4 1/2 ". Which means there are 5 holes on a 4.5" dia. circle.

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    Thanks Man! I really appreciate the feedback! It will be a huge help in the never ending build which is a jeep!

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    jeep has 5x4.5 so the chevy 5x5 will NOT work!!! if you want a proper spare go to a wheel shop or a pep boys and order one (pep boys sells american racing btw.)
    Buy it, build it, break it, rinse and repeat!!

    90 yj, 4.2, ax-15, camo, grant steering wheel, flipped license plate mount, 2.5" lift, custom front and rear bumpers, herculiner, flat fendered front, proline style 139 15x7 wheels, 33x12.50-15 baja claws, and mud; lots and lots of mud.

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