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    best way to remove rust from a rim?

    so i want to take my spare off the back and remove all the rust. whats the best method. I want to keep the tire on as i do this too. brillo?

    then whats next? rust-oleum then primer?

    want to paint it chrome to match the other rims.


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    Re: best way to remove rust from a rim?

    I have not tried brillo,but sand paper and some good old elbow grease works well.

  3. Re: best way to remove rust from a rim?

    The best way..... is to go to wal-mart, there is a wheel that will fit into the end of a drill. I think 3M makes it.Grey in color, this will make it a little faster on the larger areas. You will have to use some sand paper to get in the hard to reach areas. If you don't want the rust coming back in a week or two you might want to invest in some self-etching primer.Then your topcoat. As far as chrome in a can good luck with that... Hope this was helpful.

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    Re: best way to remove rust from a rim?

    Wad up some aluminum foil and rub the rim, you will be surprised at how well it removes rust. Be sure to wax the wheel afterwards if it's a chrome wheel.

  5. Re: best way to remove rust from a rim?

    There are many methods that 1 can take up in order to remove rust on metals. The method to be used depends on the metal that needs to be cleaned. Rust removal methods should be selected according to how badly the rust has affected the metal. The easiest method that would help in simple surface rust removal would be by using a liquid rust remover that promises proper removal of rust without harming the metal.

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    Re: best way to remove rust from a rim?

    or a wire wheel on the drill. thats what i use on rims that need some cleaning like that. then prime/repaint
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    Re: best way to remove rust from a rim?

    I dunno about using a power drill and wire wheel... just use foil or a brillo pad, or if your patient use naval jelly as the others can leave scratches. Whatever you do, wax it when your done to seal it. You tube if you're still unsure.
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    It may not get the best results but you'll have fun doing it.

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    Painted wheel, take the bad areas to bare metal. Sand blaster. Also oven cleaner or paint stripper, navel jelly, let sit for a while. Wash well with water to neutralize. Then sand paper or abrasive wheel on bad areas.
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  10. Re: best way to remove rust from a rim?

    Even Sandpaper would help scrape off the rust from the metal surface. Another post in the above mentioned blog speaks about the easy methods of rust removal from metals in general. We should actually adopt easy and faster methods of rust removal. But, also keep in mind that it should not harm the metal.

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