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    Mods and gas mileage question. Please give your expierence

    I was just wondering how your gas mileage changed, I have a 95 2.5 and run 31's and 4.11 stock gears. I am in the process of putting in a 62mm throttle body and 19# bosch design III injectors. I am worried for my mileage because i am a commuting student and this is my daily driver. I would like the better throttle response because im sure my girlfriend is tired of whip lash from driving through a parking lot and also the added power, but cant afford too big of a cash loss. I also have removed the 2 air restrictors and have a drop in k&n( saw an improvement from those). What do you think i should expect? My thinking is that the more air and fuel will work well with each other and stay about the same because with the mixture should be pretty spot on, but i have had a lot of people telling my that i could expect to loose half of my fuel economy since the injectors are from a 5.0 .

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    Re: Mods and gas mileage question. Please give your expierence

    It depends mostly on your foot; with all the mods I have made, I DO have more power, but if I USE that power, it sucks more fuel. The only mods I can tell you that I have that I feel gave me more felt power without burning more fuel (same driving habits) are the eFan and the gears (as they put the engine back in the power band for cruising).

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    Re: Mods and gas mileage question. Please give your expierence

    yeah i understand that if i drive pedal to the metal its gonna drain the tank, im just concerned about the normal and highway driving being greatly effected.

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    Re: Mods and gas mileage question. Please give your expierence

    I think you're on the right track with improving the breathing of the engine. I wouldn't expect the mileage to drop significantly if you keep your foot out of it. I agree the Electric fan is a good idea....takes a little drag off the engine. I don't have any experience with the 2.5 ,but way back when,I had a carburated 151cu in an '62 CJ5...I added a header & really felt the difference. Not sure if there's a header available for the 2.5,but it might be something to think about if there is.
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