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    Is anybody on the board using round LED tailights??? If so is it hard to do and where did you get the lights from? I'm thinking about making the switch. [addsig]

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    Just what is the point of LED tail lights. I do not understand the difference here. tug[addsig]

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    Tug you've seen the new lights on the trailers, they are brighter and can been seen from a greater distance. I find the directionals annoying though they flash weird.........Bullet[addsig]

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    Well the benifit of LED's are that as said before, they are really bright. They also draw very little current and last a friggin long time, not sure how long but 100k hours seems to stand out in my mind. It's a good upgrade in my opinion, I'd do it too, but I'm going for the classic CJ look, but not in stock form i.e. lift, tires you know all the good stuff.[addsig]
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    I have them on all three of my jeeps...I love them , one they draw less amps, two they last 3 times longer, three they are brighter, and four they are flush mount...They have them on e-bay all the time. They are very simple to install the hardest part is to cut up your jeep...they hook up to the original wires but the back up light wire isn't used... :-O :-O :-O [addsig]
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    There's more to it than you think. I sell LED's and have had to learn alot about them. As for life they can last, depending on quality, up to 30 times longer than a standard bulb. We sell an LED flashlight that will stay continually lit for 100 days on one set of D-cell batteries, talk about no current draw. Also, if one goes bad you still have the other 10 or so that make up the light. Cost, well they're a little more but they end up being cheaper due to their life. Yes, way less amps. Plus the coolest part and no one's doing it yet. You can get a dual colored LED. Red at one voltage yellow at another. Like the ones for cell phone chargers. That way one LED can serve two functions. As a back up light and tail/brake light. As a tail/brake light and turn signal. THe light wave they emit is exceptionally brighter than any traditional light bulb can emit. They can be seen much better in fog.[addsig]

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    I'd have to see a pic before I could say anything. The way i'm picturing it now is a semi truck trailer light screwed to the back of a tj....not looking to well....Just kiddin

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    Ya. I would love to get a set of those. They had them at the local truck shop for about $30.00 bucks a piece. I was thinking about getting a set. How well do they hold up against water? Does anyone know[addsig]

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    Several of the Jeepers around here have installed the L.E.D.'s and they are brighter, flush mount and look cool, But I'm not sure if it is worth the money. First, they are only taillights. You now have to mount another set for turn signals? A third for back up lights? And a fourth for side marker lights, plus license plate one too just to be legal. Not to mention the serious wiring at hand. At about $35.00 to $70.00 each (Napa auto parts), depending on the number of L.E.D.'s that could be very expensive. If not making it look like a small semi truck back end. As far as cost savings for bulbs. I have only changed two rear end bulbs on my 1989 YJ at a cost of $.99 (for both). It would take beyond a lifetime to equal the cost of the lights alone.

    bigTiliOOD: I am interested in information on those dual power dual colored L.E.D.'s you talked about. If I was able to install a single set to solve all my lighting needs, that would be nice. Please you post any info you have?

    One other idea: I saw a Jeep with factory (old style) Hummer flush mount taillights that looked great, but knowing they are about $200.00+ that's still expensive for what you get.

    End result... If you like it, then it's worth the money 8-)

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    Lumex LED's <<< this is a good one to go to for LED's. And this one too Chicago Miniature These are two of the bigger LED manufacturers out there. Their customer service rocks! Tell them that you are looking at building LED tail lights and that you want the bi-color leds. They will give you the best part number to use. Then call (shameless company plug) Allied Electronics for pricing. Allied has a $25 minimum order but leds are cheap. We also sell ALL sorts of switches, wire, cable, heat shrink, tubing, testers........ Here's Allied's website You can get the local number from here[addsig]

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    I used Grote. Bought them off the shelf at a local tractor trailer supplier. Around $45 for both including gromets and pigtails. I like mine. Plenty Bright. I dont have any pics with them lit my jeep but here they are.



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    I drive truck the leds are nice the only problem with them is the put off no heat so running in the snow they will not clean themselves off.[addsig]

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