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  1. Lift kit advice

    Hey, I have a 2007 wrangler X. I'm looking for either a 2.5 in lift or a 3 in suspension if the price is right. My jeep is my dd so I'm not looking for the top of the liine lift, but a decent lift for a good price. If you guys know of any or have any other suggestions, lemme know. Thanks.

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    ...and how you plan to wheel it off road. Just a thought, IF this IS your daily driver, I mean, something you are going to spend a lot of time behind the steering wheel in, then why wouldn't you want a "top of the line lift"? Cheese out on your shocks and/or springs now and you'll kick yourself later.

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    i agree. if you drive it alot, get the nice stuff so your not all beat up by a really rough riding lift
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    Re: Lift kit advice

    Well I'm also a collegee student so I can affor to throw thousands of dollars into my jeep now..believe me, I would if I could.

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    Quote Originally Posted by socki View Post
    Well I'm also a collegee student so I can affor to throw thousands of dollars into my jeep now..believe me, I would if I could.
    Believe me, we all understand where you are coming from. We are not trying to be flippant with our responses but just advising not do something now you'll only end up re-doing down the road.

    For a 2-1/2" - 3" suspension lift you have basically four choices: (1) Coil Spring Spacers, (2) Coil Spring Lift Kits, (3) Coil Spring Short Arm Lift Kits, and (4) Coil Spring Long Arm Lift Kits.

    Spacers are usually limited to between 3/4" and 2-1/2" and are the least expensive and least effective method. Options 3 & 4 are going to run you in the neighborhood of $2K and up, so they are probably beyond your reach right now.

    That leaves a basic Coil Sprig Lift Kit like the ones offered by companies like TeraFlex, Black Diamond, Full Traction, Synergy Suspension, to name a few. Kits without shock absorbers start at about $600, with shocks around $1000 and up.

    You still haven't told us much about your rig (JK or Unlimited) or what kind of wheeling you will be doing but my reference to getting good springs is in reference to the fact that the '07 JK came with 22 different spring packages depending on how the rest of the rig was setup. Additionally, I would really suggest looking for progressive rate springs for the rear. Since your's is a daily driver this will give you a more satisfactory ride under varying load conditions.

    Hope this helps a little bit. Most of us look forward to helping someone start down this path; we can share our experiences and pass on the do's and don'ts to help save you some pain. Do a "search" here and you'll find lot's of additional information. As with almost anything else, there's always more than one way to skin a cat and you'll find we have lot's of different ideas about what is the "best" way to proceed.

    Tell us more about your rig. Let us know how you intend to use it. It really helps us know which way to guide you.

    Good luck, young bro'.

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    Re: Lift kit advice

    get a 2" spacer lift. a JK (assuming your not wheeling it) will clear 35's with a 2" spacer lift, they only cost a couple hundred buck, I'd spend the extra cash and get one with shocks. for tire, see if you can find some take off H2's tires, they are 315/70 R17 (your JK should have 17" rims) which is a 34.5" all terrain tire. I recently bought a set fo 5 H2 rims and tires for $350, I re-sold the tires for $300.
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