1. 1997 2.5 L Wrangler Fuel Pump Assembly

    Good evening........I'm new to the site but was directed here by a friend. My jeep just straight up died while driving down the highway. I have fire, but the fuel rail is empty after having bled the pressure down. I assumed it was the fuel pump. First I bought a new relay and installed it but nothing. Dropped the tank, pulled the assembly out, bought a new assembly. Here is my dilemma. I plugged the new assembly into the harness to see if it would come on before installing it into the tank. It will not come on. The gauge works but the pump don't make a sound. Shouldn't it buzz or hum or make some kind of noise when I turn the key on? I don't want to install the new assembly at this point because I'm wondering if its even the problem now. Plus it cost over $200!!! Any help or advise will be appreciated!!

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    Have you checked your ASD (auto shut down) fuse, that can also stop your pump from working, I forgot which number it was but it should be labeled asd in the fuse box under the hood

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    Re: 1997 2.5 L Wrangler Fuel Pump Assembly

    No but I sure will first thing in the A.M. I'll go through them all again to check. Thank you. Ill let you know how it goes! (fingers an toes crossed) Ahhhh.....i gotta go look now...lol

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    Just don't see why a new pump wouldn't work, the asd isn't a relay but a fuse,

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    Re: 1997 2.5 L Wrangler Fuel Pump Assembly

    Just went and looked......my ASD is a relay. I swapped relays to see if that was the problem but thats not it. Checked all of the fuses.....nothing. I should be able to hear the pump right? Every other fuel pump I've ever dealt with makes noise......I reckon I'll start chasing wires tomorrow....ugh!

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    You should hear your fuel pump whine till it pressurizes, are you sure the harness is clipped on all the way? Any frayed to cut wiring that you can see?

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    When I changed the fuel pump on my 97 tj, the pump didn't just quite it was slowly going out, I believe the psi it was putting out was 15 psi before I actually noticed it and changed it, not saying you might have the same issue, but I don't think pumps just quit out of now where (but I may be wrong)

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    Re: 1997 2.5 L Wrangler Fuel Pump Assembly

    You should be able to put the hot wire and ground wire to your bat post to see if the pump comes on. I do this with all my pumps before I install them. My pumps aren't the in tanks pumps though but I would think it will still work for you.

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    Re: 1997 2.5 L Wrangler Fuel Pump Assembly

    About to crawl under and troubleshoot.....I'll keep ya'll informed...thanx!

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    Re: 1997 2.5 L Wrangler Fuel Pump Assembly

    Well, the verdict is in....it's not the pump! It's in the wiring harness somewhere. Hooked the old pump up direct and it works! Thinking about wiring it to a toggle switch with a inline fuse instead of unwrapping the wiring harness. If it was a daily driver I might would put more effort into it , but its a knock around jeep for the river and a cruise every now an then. Lol. Thanks for all the help guys! Much appreciated! And saved me over $200 too. The new one is going back to the parts house!

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    Re: 1997 2.5 L Wrangler Fuel Pump Assembly

    One more question.....What size fuse should I use for this?

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