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    Inch by inch I am replacing worn parts! I have an (engine) oil leak aka puddles, actually a couple. But they appear coming from one place---rear main seal. Anyone give me an idea of whats involved in replacing a rear main seal on a '88 YJ, 4.2L in-line six. $$$, time. Is this something a jeep owner could do or is this something for the garage mechanic? CAB p.s. already replaced valve cover gasket. :-? [addsig]

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    If you have a choice between a 1 piece or a 2 piece seal I would choose the 1 piece. All of the 2 piece seals I have used ended up leakin right away. The 1 piece is alot more work, like pullin the transmission, but it should seal better. Good luck.[addsig]

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    I've been living with the same problem for a few months now. I just carry a case of oil in my back instead of getting off my lazy a$$ and fixing the seal. After I go fourwheeling sometimes i guess mud gets in there and stops it so the moral of the story is go wheeling more. :-D [addsig]
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    A fellow Jeeper had the same problem with oil leaking from the rear main seal. With no time to spare before a run and usually performing his own repairs, the decision was made to throw a can of Marvel Mystery Oil (There are many other brands that work too) into the motor for a possible temporary fix and bring the tools and parts along just in case. (Note: MMO has been around for years and it helps soften old seals, which can stop small leaks and buy some time before the repair)
    Funny thing is that was two years ago and were waiting for the leak to return.

    Boggles the mind how that stuff works.

    As for replacing that rear seal: The motor must be cool. If you can drain the oil overnight it stops the messy drips that annoy you while trying to look up and replace the seal) Then remove the oil pan and follow the directions in your manual for the rear seal replacement and reinstall the pan. You will need a torque wrench, for the rear bearing cap reinstall and a long narrow punch and hammer to remove the seal, along with other basic tools. This repair takes a little talent, patience, tools, time and a clean place to work.

    Good Luck. 8-) [addsig]

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