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    I just installed a 2-inch suspension lift along with a 2-inch body lift. My new opar bumper will not cover the gap in back can someone help???

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    Can you send a picture?

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    I have not put it on yet due to space in between. Looking for an extension but the tow hitch attaches to the frame.

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    What gap are you talking about?

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    In the back between the top of the bumper and the tailgate. Ther is a 2 inch space due to the body lift

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    Why do you need out covered? Ids just the consequence of the body lift. Same with the front bumper.

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    Just looks better. So you are saying there is no way with an aftermarket bumper?

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    Not that I know of. I have a 4.5 suspension. Never tried the body. Don't like them. It doesn't do much. Just clears the body from bumping. Doesn't provide any extra travel or anything. And any body lifts I have seen all have that gap.

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    After market bumpers are not made to cover the gap. You could create your own or alter one.

    BTW 2 in of body lift is a lot. Make sure all is tight and watch for bolts breaking.


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    most times you will have to have or make a custom bracket to enclose that gap with body lifts. I would call some off road shops and custom fab shops and see if they have or will make one for you, that is if Google doesnt help. I have only had 1 body lift, and I vowed to never do it again since the gaping makes me cringe.

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