1. 94 WRangler YJ Ignition Switch Problem

    My Jeeps ignition switch had been annoying becaue I needed to really turn it all the way before the ignition would crank. Last weekend I lent it to my roomate and he managed to break it.


    Basically the key in switch turns all the way to the right but only the dash lights come on and no cranking of engine. The switch rotates without much resistance. My question is whether I should order a new switch and key or whether it is something else. It is a tilt column steering column. Any help is much appreciated

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    94 WRangler YJ Ignition Switch Problem

    94 Wrangler
    At first when you go through the key motion it looks like it clicks through the positions. Later it looks like one motion. When you turn the key is it surprisingly easy and no clicks? If so there is an shaft in the ignition that broke. Had it happen to me. Goes without warning or abuse. On TJ it was easily replaced. I think it was called an actuator pin.

    If it clicks all the way through start measuring voltages at the battery should be 12.6 and if you engage the starter it would dip down while cranking. If the starter is shorted the voltage will dip below 10v. Check all the wiring to the battery that it isn't pulled off or corroated. Inspect grounds.
    If you have jumper cables you might carefully jump the battery positive to the starter solenoid and see if it engages. You don't want yo start it just see if it will turn the engine. If not pull battery and starter and have them tested.
    If it does measure the voltage at the solenoid when you turn the key to on. If no voltage back up yo the ignition. Measure input and output voltages key on and off and start.

    Manual shift? Check your fuses. There is a fuse on the clutch engagement.
    Automatic make sure you are in park or try putting it in neutral to start. You might push forward a bit or pull a bit to see if the NSS is moved.


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