1. We installed a $129 3 inch steel lift kit on our JK...

    ...And absolutely love it. Exactly what we needed. We ended up making a step by step install video in case anyone needs to reference it while installing a lift kit. We were super happy with how easily everything dropped in, and how fast and cheaply this mod could be done. Jeep drives like stock, but sits 3 inches higher - Awesome! Cheers Jeep Fam!

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    We installed a $129 3 inch steel lift kit on our JK...

    Good job.

    Few considerations.
    On the rears remove the shock to make room. Then the sway bar links. Reverse when reassembling. Sway bar links then shock bottoms.

    Second you will need longer sway bar links to avoid flipping the bar and going unstable. The bars front and rear should be 10 deg above level.

    Third you need extended bump stops. Esp if you go taller tires. Besides rubbing. Springs should not get fully compressed. And Iím not sure on shock bottoming out on the size shocks you have.

    Lastly longer adjustable track bars. Your tires stick out more on one side by 3/4 inch.

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