1. '90 yj only 1 wiper working

    Long of the short... driving in the rain and the "driver side" windshield wiper just stops. Passenger side one works fine. What in the heck do I do now? Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated <3 thank you :)

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    Re: '90 yj only 1 wiper working

    Sounds like the linkage came loose. I'm not familiar with your jeep but generally the wiper motor has linkage that connects it to each wiper arm. You'll need to look under the dash close to the windshield.

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    Re: '90 yj only 1 wiper working

    Here is a diagram of the wiper system. Something might be disconnected.

    '90 yj only 1 wiper working-img_0752.jpg

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    Re: '90 yj only 1 wiper working

    Thank y'all! I'll give it a try! '90 yj only 1 wiper working

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