1. how do you id rearend

    Can anyone tell me a reliable way to identify which model my diff's are??? I just bought a 1975 CJ5. I have ordered a service manual and hope this will at least tell me what the stock diff's were but the Jeep is 45 years old so I'm not sure if anything may have been changed out.


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    how do you id rearend

    There should be a tag with gear info on the pumpkin. And a number on the housing. But you could tell from the bolt pattern and diameter.

    Will post chart shortly.
    There are more charts of other non monarch rears

    how do you id rearend-img_3099.jpg

    how do you id rearend-img_3100.jpg

    how do you id rearend-img_3101.jpg

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    Re: how do you id rearend

    Thank you JPN for the info. Looking at the photos you posted my diff's (they both look identical) look like they might be the Dana 30. Have ten bolts and the shape seems to be the same. Hopefully the service manual will help me confirm the model. I can not find any id marks on the axle tubes or the pumpkin. A rough measurement of the pumpkin from outside edge to outside edge is approx. 9 1/2".

    Thanks again for taking the time to help, Kent

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