1. T

    2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee - 60k mi - 3.6L auto - stuck in limp mode/accel pedal issue

    Error code P2127 - Throttle sensor switch E low input So my wife's jeep just randomly went into limp mode and wont go over 40mph. Yesterday it was running just fine, no issues at all. When I ran the code it looks like the throttle sensor is getting inconsistent power or bad signals. Per a...
  2. TerryMason

    Lube your zippers!

    This stuff is awesome. Previously I had the hardest time getting my Jeep window zippers to go up and down, especially when they were cold. I would hold the fabric together, and sometimes use pliers. I found this in Walmart of all places - I think it's mainly for the boat crowd, but it works...
  3. TerryMason

    It can be embarrassing getting old

    I've started putting pet pee pads under the Jeep when pulling into the garage. They work really well for whatever the Jeep dribbles out that day.
  4. C

    2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk 4xe Flat Tow Baseplates

    I just bought a 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk 4xe to flat tow behind a class A RV. I have not been able to find base plates that fit this make, model and year. Does anyone know of any base plates for this vehicle that are available in the market?
  5. TerryMason

    Jeep featured in 60 minutes episode about Lithium

    Interesting episode by 60 minutes talking about how lithium will be mined in the US. Jeep is mentioned several times in relations to their need for batteries. I was surprised to hear that Jeep had sold out of plug in hybrids last year, and are looking to buy all the EV batteries they can get.
  6. P


    Various USA Jeep events. Jeep Events Near Me 2023| Jeep Jamboree| National Jeep Events
  7. R

    Sloppy trans shifter

    I got my jeep back from a clutch change. Now my shifter (5 speed) is sloppy and loose. What is the piece that goes in the base of the shifter below the boot called and who might have one? Can't go back to the shop. Thanks
  8. B

    loking for 1975 or pre Postal Jeep

    in the market for a 75 or pre Postal Jeep DJ. Located in SoCal so pre 75 will aloow me to run without a smog certification. if you or someone you know are selling, get at me 704 467 4185 Cole
  9. N

    How to choose tail lights for JK

    Hi! Friends, I want to install a set of taillights for my car. Do you have any suggestions, which one is more attractive, the clear one or the smoked one? my jeep is black. This is the light I want to buy, maybe the LED is brighter when reversing...
  10. S

    2018 Jeep Compass Engine Turns Over But Won't Start

    Hi Everyone, I am hoping someone might be able to provide me with a new direction before I decide to have the car towed to the dealership. 2018 Jeep Compass Latitude - 50k miles. Manual 5 speed. Driven regularly. Yesterday my wife attempted to start the car and it wouldn't start. The starter...
  11. J

    2.5l engine swap

    I new to the jeep world and this group BUT not a stranger to pulling wrenches So this is the question hopefully someone can help me out I have a older (1986) jeep comanche with a 5 speed AX-5 transmission im wanting to install a newer (1995) yj 2 5L engine BUT its fuel injected is there a...
  12. J

    2021 Rubicon acceleration issues

    I have a 2021 Rubicon JL that has been in the shop for 3 months. I get it back for a day or 2 max before returning it. Here is my issue..Please help! Loses acceleration, when trying to give more gas, the vehicle does not respond. You can hear it trying but it just does not go any faster. If I...
  13. C

    1987 Jeep Wagoneer - Rarity and Value?

    Hi all! Recently I posted a thread asking for help fixing up a 1987 Jeep Wagoneer that someone sold to me for $300. I've been told this is a "rare" build of Jeep. Given the circumstances of where I acquired this, I'd like to learn more about it. Here is the thread I posted here a couple...
  14. C

    84 cj7

    Hey Guys, bought my first jeep 84CJ7 (project). Jeep starts up, backfires and will bog out if you try to drive it. Has new plugs/wires/distributor cap, fuel filter and carb. Not really sure where or how to start and any information is appreciated ! Need Help!!! Thanks, Gord
  15. S

    2020 Jeep Wrangler Sport (JL}

    Hi all, Wifey just purchased a new "to her" jeep and just wanted to say hello to all SOCal members. S & B
  16. S

    New to the forum and new to Jeep

    Hi All, We are Shelly and Barry and we are proud new "to us" owners of a 2020 Wrangler Sport S. We have a Class A RV and we were looking for a vehicle which we could flat tow. Lots of research lead us to Jeep, so here we are. Happy to be part of the family and looking forward to the adventure...
  17. C

    Steering wheel buttons working intermittently on WK2

    2017 GC Laredo. Steering wheel buttons sometimes work, sometimes don't (cruise, radio, menu, phone). paddle shifters and entire turn signal stalk always work. No airbag light is coming on. Position of steering wheel or outside temperature have no improvement (so i don't suspect a clock...
  18. M

    2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo cigarette lighter compartment

    I'm not sure what the compartment that has the cigarette lighter port is called. When I bought my Jeep the area was missing abs replaced by a brown plastic board in its place. I need to get a replacement for that panel/console below the AC controls so I can connect a Dash Cam system. I need a...
  19. N

    New Jeep owner wonders if all Jeeps are very rusty underneath

    Hello All, I'm a fairly new Jeep owner just about two years and with a 07' with only 80k miles under it, I'm wondering if all the rust underneath is common on Jeeps in general. I've read other sites and comments about it being a thing Jeeps do whether you go off road or not, I have gone but...
  20. J

    Jeep Grande Cherokee Laredo 2013 HELP

    Jeep Drives ok now… but idles and shakes bad when at a stop. Feels like it’s coming from the front. Any thoughts? 150,000 miles REPLACED; Both head gaskets Both cam sensors Reset timing Both oxygen sensors Oil pressure sensor Spark plugs Spark plug coils Oil cooler Fuel injectors...