Hi I was getting a lot of codes and my Jeep went into Limp mode. I cross referenced the codes with possible problems. Itís either at the Transmission Control module (TCM) is bad, the solenoid pack & sensors are bad, I need a new transmission or the fluid/filter are dirty.

I decided to change the fluid, filter and solenoid pack before I took it to a shop for a huge bill. I couldnít get the valve body to drop and damaged it trying to take it out. I ordered a whole new prebuilt valve body. But stupid rod that goes through the transmission & connects to the bracket the shift cable attaches too will not come out. I Disconnect the shift cable, loosened and removed the bracket attached to the rod. I even removed the washer at the top thinking it could be swollen. It still wonít come down I managed to remove the rest of the valve body from the rod so I know nothing else is holding it in. Is there something inside the transmission that is stopping it from dropping? I know the rod is tapered toward the top but I donít want to damage the inside of the transmission if thereís something else going on?

I can post some pictures if the would help?