1. H.V.A.C. gremlins!!

    I own a 2015 J.K. when I shut my jeep off it takes a few minutes but I hear the internal dampers in ductwork opening and closing ? I am not sure how long this keeps happening, but I dont like idea that it is draining my battery life when shut down. Does anyone have any idea what is going on here? Thanks for your time!

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    H.V.A.C. gremlins!!

    Is air being diverted to the correct zones? Like you pick feet and the air only comes out there?

    I read some have issues where the diver terms get messed up and the computer needs to be recalibrated.

    On the flip side my patriot I hear click a few times well after turning the engine off. Never looked into it but about 2 and 10 min later it clicks. Normal?


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    Re: H.V.A.C. gremlins!!

    I'm no expert but I believe these dampers or doors are vacuum operated, so unless the fan is also running, I wouldn't think there'd be any drain on your battery. Could be the switch that controls the direction of your air flow is worn or going bad and allowing the built up vacuum to bleed off, causing the dampers to activate. Just my guess.

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    Re: H.V.A.C. gremlins!!

    To,Old Chief ,your guess is pretty damn good! That is exactly what I thought was going on! Last week I installed a clinometer (tip over meter) the only thing to attach to the jeep was a background light. I tried it in. When I took dashboard apart I disconnected the HVAC controls and the doors stopped. I think you are right on about the control panel! Thanks!

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