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    Running temp

    What is the normal operating temp. of a 304 v8 ? New water pump & a new thermostat 195 degree. Should it be running at 230 degrees in traffic ? Thnx.

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    Running temp

    No typically with a 195 deg thermo the engine temp reads 10 deg more. Like 205 -210.

    Id first burp the system. Get all the air out.
    If you are running a clutch fan be sure the clutch is engaging.

    Be sure the radiator fins are clean and not blocked anywhere.

    You have the correct mixture antifreeze and fan shroud intact?

    After that Id start getting into the system and verifying possibly switching things.

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    Re: Running temp

    Thnx for info

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    Re: Running temp

    I sure hope you don't fall into a temperature conundrum. When I was correcting a botched e fan install on 'Black Betty' a few years ago I found that I'd opened up a can o worms response wise.
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