1. XJ fuel pump going out?

    '96 XJ here, and in all the time I've had this one since 2007 the fuel pump has never been replaced. So unless it was replaced in that first 10 years or so I'm still working with the original one installed.

    Just twice now in the last week I've noticed a kind of quieter whiney sound coming from about the fuel pump area when I've been under low enough moderate acceleration to hear the sound. It's only happened a couple times but only during acceleration. Is this a typical symptom when a fuel pump is about to give out?

    If this is what's happening, is there any good tutorial thread out there to help me get this pump changed out?

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    Re: XJ fuel pump going out?

    Fuel pumps can last a long time so it's a good bet it still has the factory pump.
    It's been a while since I've heard a failing pump but it's kind of a whirring sound, most notable at an idle.

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    Re: XJ fuel pump going out?

    Personally never heard of failing fuel pump noise.
    Is there any shuttering, missing or slow response?

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