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    When I'm driving it pops kind of like a thunk in the front just every once in a while nothing steady. Sometimes when I come to a stop and sometimes when I'm just driving straight no load on her. It doesn't do it when I mash the throttle or when I let off of it. I just got back from base. It's 12 miles to base drove around base and through about 2' of snow for about 1 mile. 12 miles back and it popped about 6 times. Only once that i felt a good vibration in my right foot. In 2WD nothing happens and in 4 LO nothing happens. At least there's no popping. It never happened once while I was driving to base or back. Seems to do it more when the transmission is cold. I don't know what to think.

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    what type of jeep tp you have?
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    1990 Wrangler YJ with a 258 power plant with a Chrysler 999 auto. Not happy about the transmission but I just got the Jeep a couple months ago. It has a NV231J t-case, Dana 30 in front and a 35 in back.

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    Where are you in Alaska? tug

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    yep alaska, eagle river to be exact. right outside of anchorage.

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    you might want to check the shift linkage, you might not be fuilly engaging 4-hi....
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  7. hi everyone, its been a while

    I might be grasping at straws here, but I had a dull pop that would only pop occasionally. I searched for weeks, but I finally discovered I had a broken motor mount.

    This was in an older CJ5 with a V8, so I don't how it will apply to yours.

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    This is off topic but eagle river is a fine town, I have some family that lives in wasila, and I love it when I get the chance to go up there it's great.

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    Sounds like a stretched transfer case chain or a broken transfer case housing, allowing the chain to slip. I think the loud pop is the chain slipping. I hope I'm wrong.

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    I Finally got my Waggie

    I hope you are too Bounty, but you would think it would do it with a load. I get no pops going up hills or just stomping on the gas when 2' of heavy snow.

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    Front D44 from a waggie

    Jeepr89, Next time you come up let me know and maybe we can go have some fun.

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