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    Not the Electrac

    Okay, I have seen a few posts mentioning LED taillights for our beloved Jeeps. I have one question: Who makes them/sells them?

    These seem liks a worthwhile upgrade .

    Thanks in advance.
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    You can get them at truck stops and tractor supply shops. assuming that there are not too many tractor supplie shops on LI, try on-line. Just do a search on google or something and you are bound to get a hit or hundred.
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    I saw some LED bulbs at Autozone a week or so ago and was wondering if anybody has used them. They were made so that they had the brass fitting that fits into a standard light bulb socket in your existing tail light housing but had LEDs instead of the glass bulb. Anybody try these?

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    you can even find them at walmart as a trailer light setup.. walmart has a bunch of lights.... autozone and their competitors have some led setups as well
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    cant seem to get my hilift jack to work


    Although I haven't tried those screw-in LED bulb assemblies... I've seen (and read) that they aren't that great. Because the companies that make them want them to be inexpensive, they don't use enough LEDs and the viewing ange greatly suffers. Since LEDs by nature put out directional light, you'd probably end up with a bright spot of red light in the center of your taillight assemblies, and very little light on the sides and such.

    I have however, found this company at: . They're products DO appear to have plenty of LEDs both around the face and sides of the lamp to make a proper diffused light source. This is especially important on Jeeps since the rear lights also act as side marker lamps. But, as you'll see their lamps aren't cheap, at around $35.00 each.

    So IMO, you'd be best off either buying a dedicated LED tail lamp assembly, or looking for a product such as I mentioned above, that ensures you get a good, bright, diffused light source

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    I have not gone this far but really want to. The surface mounted box lights on all Jeeps just make no sence at all. Exposed to breakage and I can not keep one on the passenger side due to my swing out tire mount hitting it just right to break it any time you forget to hang on t the sucker on a grade. And where I live there is not a level spot anywhere to park. I will be looking into this for sure in the near future. Seems some one here did this mod not to far back in time. Guess it is time for a search. tug

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    Thanks all for the suggestions.
    I will look at a truck supply place as I think the style of lights on the big rigs seems to be a good design. The only drawback I see is that I'll probably have to take a holesaw to the rear tub in order to mount them.

    I'll post again when I have made a decision/installed something.

    Thanks again all.
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