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    I have a 98 wrangler and I recently got a 4" suspension lift. My headlights now shine straight forward into people rearview mirror, instead of angled down to the ground x feet in front. Is there a way to angle the headlights back down a bit? Any help will do, I appreciate it.


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    I'm not 100% on TJ, but on my YJ, yes. Just remove the headlight bezel, ring around outside of headlight, and there will be some adjusting screws. Just loosen or tighten to adjust. It helps if you park about 8 feet from a wall or garage door so you can see the beam move.

    If you have a haynes or chilton manual, it will be described in more detail.

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    Yup.. pop the bezels and there are 2 screws that adjust them.
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    I've found that I can easily adjust the headlamps without having to remove the bezels. The adjustment screws are all Torx screws, I think the headlamp ones are T15 or T20 size...

    The screw in the upper corner of the light adjusts up/down, the screw on the bottom corner adjusts left/right.

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    Just lower it a turn or two and then drive to see how you like it. Don't mess with the left to right adjustment.

    Some people are going to have to live with bright lights for driving such low cars, but some of it can be avoided by adjusting them down slightly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bounty__Hunter
    Some people are going to have to live with bright lights for driving such low cars, but some of it can be avoided by adjusting them down slightly.
    I just consider it my special Jeep wave to ricers.

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    ya, it's funny to watch the people in ricers try to mover their side-view mirrors around to try and shine the light back at me (which usually never works). I guess I should, however, lower mine quite a bit as well!!

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    hmmm thats a good idea maybe thats why everyone in little cars give me the finger hehehehe ohh well sux to be them
    hellooo everyoneeee..
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    my plow lights go right into peoples' mirrors... rearview and sidemount... everytime i pull up behind someone at a light... they flip thier rearview adjuster and the person in the back seat (if present) looks back
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    Need to be careful of this. A friend and I were driving somewhere a couple years ago and were following a gentleman in a Buick in my friends FS chevy, got to a red light, the guy got out of the car with a tire iron and smashed out my buddies drivers side headlight, got back in and took off. we called the cops, and followed at a safe distance, turns out he was completely intoxicated with a suspended liscense.

    Moral of the story, don't drive bahind buicks.
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    Your buddy just sat there and watched some drunk smash his headlight out? What exactly did he expect the guy was going to do when he saw him coming at his truck with a tire iron? Two of you and one of him? I'd have followed him alright.....but the cops would have never heard about it unless he called them himself.
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    Thanks for the help! I appreciate it, and I love the "salute to ricers" saying!

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