1. Tightened belt, battery not charging

    Noticed the belt was wobbling on my g/fs xj tonight and figured that was the cause of our 'wierd noises', so I tightened it up. Went for a drive after that and it sounded really really wierd and I noticed the batter was right past the red mark on the left. Figured I tightened it too much so I loosened it up a little and it sounded normal but ran it around the neighborhood a few times and still sitting there. I can turn accesories off and it jumps up a bit but no movement otherwise. Can tightening the belt screw anything up like that, or do I need to give it more time to charge?

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    Re: Tightened belt, battery not charging

    Guess the alternators shot. Had to have a friend jump me today because it was running like crap. had to jump it again 10 feet down the road.

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    Re: Tightened belt, battery not charging

    That'd be my guess. Many auto parts stores can test the alt. and battery for free.

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    Re: Tightened belt, battery not charging

    yea I was going to, but I know the battery was holding a charge just a week ago, and the fact that we jumped it and it died almost instantly with the car running leads me to believe its the alternator, it looks ooold so I'm guessing it was just its time.

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    Re: Tightened belt, battery not charging

    K took the alternator off last night and double checked it at the auto store, it was bad. Got a new one and its back up and running :) Theres a warning that says the alternator can be damaged by tightening the belt too much. I didn't think it was all that tight but it was so old

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