Shout out to the folks at Firestone Auto


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I recently had my Jeep inspected at the Firestone station and I came away pretty impressed with their inspector.

My Jeep failed inspection because they said there was a bubble in the passenger rear brake line. For the life of me I couldn't see it but the part was cheap enough so I decided to swap it out anyway.

This is pretty much what I saw while it was on the vehicle


It wasn't until I got the hose off and inspected it up close that I could see sure enough, there's a bubble in it.


I'm really impressed that they caught it. I suspect things could have been pretty bad if it had burst.

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I broke a brake line once back in the 70s. I was fortunate that traffic was light but even so it wasn't any fun. Drove home using the parking brake.
I had one block internally like a check valve. Once you apply the brake it stuck. Until you bleed fluid off it was stuck. Swapped it out and no issues since.

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