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    Timing a 1970 Wagoneer w/ Buick 350


    New here, just bought a '70 Wagoneer, The timing was HORRIBLE when I got it, i adjusted by ear enough to get it running good.

    I cant find any information anywhere on what the timing should be for it. Can anyone help me out?
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    Re: Timing a 1970 Wagoneer w/ Buick 350

    Autozone can print out the timing specs for you, maybe other parts stores as well.

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    Yawn, so last night, go to time Big Green (nicknamed by my son), find out I'm supposed to be 5 degrees BTDC I was probably about 8 degrees after top dead center, didn't have enough play in my distributor to get where I'm supposed to be. The fact that it's a brand new distributor made me cringe thinking someone might not have known what they were doing during install.

    So I go to find TDC..... Jeep has what looks to be new plug wires.
    Pull the #1 plug wire, it breaks.
    Pull the #1 plug, it breaks as well.

    After sputtering a few choice words, I find TDC, adjust my distributor tighten it back down and shut the hood. Gotta run by the parts store today to get new plug wires and I'm going to replace all plugs as well while I'm at it. At least that way I'll know what I'm working with.

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