Fellow jeep heads: I'm new to this forum but I like what I see!! I'm on my third jeep and think they're one of the better designed american vehicles, but I have problems with my 1999 Grand unlimited. this jeep has the high-end electronic heater/ac control unit and the heater blower motor has a mind of its own. It stopped working for about a month, then this past weekend decided to work again. This morning it stopped again. Car was idling, blower speed was set low, heat on high. Truck was just started, maybe running about 10 minutes. when I turned up the blower speed it shut down. All the fuses are good. When not operating, the A/C indicator lights go on by themselves. I'm thinking a faulty controller. I'm not too familiar with electonics and controls. I just assume to replace the complete controller if it doesn't cost too much and is an easy fix. I do have an owners manual on this truck. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Its cold as #%$@ up her in Jersey right now and I need to get this fixed!!! Much thanks!!!