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    I was looking at a 1979 Jeep Wagoneer and it had camo seat covers. I talked to the owner and he said it had them when he bought it. The previous owner couldn't remember where he got them, anyone know where you can get the seat covers? I have to have a set to match the exterior. I have looked everywhere and can't find a set to even come close to the style of seats in the beast. Any help would be great. 8-) Looking for the Green Army style.

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    what kinda camo was it? ruban or the army or the hunting kind with leaves and stuff on it?[addsig]
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    Wet Okole makes just about any pattern of seat cover you want including three types of camo. Here is the link:

    Wet Okole pattern page.[addsig]

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    I think you can get seatcovers at most auto stores now. Here in Canada, they sell jeep covers for about $20. for one at a store called Canadian Tire. I used to have white tiger, grey & black striped ones that were imported from California and had paid around $150.00 for both, but am quite happy with my grey fuzzy one now. [addsig]

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