Tire size & rim compatibility on my 87 YJ


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Hey folks, I'm new to the Jeep world. I've been a Harley owner/rider nearly my whole life but finally had to give them up in 2020 due knee issues. Anyway my kid had talked me into buying a 87 YJ back in mid 2018. She had big plans. It had a 4 inch lift with 33/12.5 x 15 AT tires. I had engine & trans rebuilt that year. Anyway due to multitude of setbacks, she gave up on the project and the jeep set in my gararge from 2018 until 2020 when I finally decided to get it road ready. But I had plans of my own. I had the lift taken out and returned to stock height and mounted 255/70 R15 Cooper AT3 tires. At this point I personally feel I have more tire on there than I need so I replaced the Mamba M5 15x9 inch rims with a set of stock TJ 15x8 Canyon rims still using the 255/70 R15 Coopers. However Since I have no intention of ever using this jeep for serious off road use I still feel I have a little more tire than needed. Owners manual shows 225/75/15 to be the most tire I should be using (assuming the vehicle has 15x7 rims I guess). Well I like the 15x8 rims I'm using so my question is: Does anyone know if I can safely run tire size 225/75R15 on my Canyon 15x8 rims????? Please and thanks.