1. first timer from wisconsin

    i just picked up an 84 cherokee cheif with a small block 350 and want to make it a mudder slash climber ne sugestions on what i should do for a lift and tires etc.

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    Re: first timer from wisconsin

    Generally speaking rock climbers usually run low CG lifts with lots of suspension droop. Mudders usually high lifts and suspension articulation is not as important as in rocks.

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    Re: first timer from wisconsin

    Hey whats happenin first timmer? I glad 2 c sum1 else thats gunna just go for it! I posted the first timer yj build and by doing this and starting my build im learning alot more then just reading!(im more hands on) My sugestion is 2 talk 2 ppl in the area u live in n make friends with sum1 that can come over and help you with the hands on. Also dont start buyin price stuff u think u will need wen u get sumthin else, ud b suprised what u can get 4 free .exp. i got a 85 cj-7 that was roted beond belive didnt run nd didnt come with keys, not stolen i got the owner ship it had 33'' super swampers couple?? inch lift front drive shaft was in back seat so many problems but had the 4.2 n 5spd. std trans anyway instead of takeing on another project i traded the free jeep for a 318 5.2l and dana 60 outta 93 3500 ram van now i just got a 95 3500 chvy pic up 4 free running condition but sum1 else wants the bed doors seats stuff like that but hes buyin those parts from my uncle the ex-owner of the truck since im such a great nephew with this crazy project i get the 350ci nv4500 5spd trans np241 tranfer case all wireing and wutevr else i need for free also his buddy has an old set of 44'' probly pritty worn boggers hell give me for a case of beer. So besides braging im tellin u just stat talkin 2 ppl about what your doin alot of ppl think its really cool and might wanna help u out/they all tell me there happy keeping a kid off the streets im only 22 and theres alot of drugs and stupid stuff goin around in my area sum ppl r happy knowing ill b stuck in my drive way workin on my jeep untill im stuck in the bush workin on my jeep just dont give up on ur project nd do it the way u want!

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