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    89 Laredo wont start

    New NSS new coil what do i check next? It is an 89 Cherokee Laredo 4.0 6, stock Chrysler 4 speed automatic 4 wheel drive

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    Re: 89 Laredo wont start

    Not very familiar with the older Cherokee - any check engine lights?

    Do you have something like this that you can test for spark with?
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    Re: 89 Laredo wont start

    My 1990 cherokee didn't have a check engine light or means to plug up a code reader. IF I remember correctly there were limited codes you could get by turning the key and counting a flash in the dash. Sorry my memorably isn't better.

    Wash it running ok prior to the coil change?

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    If it has a check engine light,you can google how to read chrysler obd1 codes

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  5. Re: 89 Laredo wont start

    Spark, fuel and compression you need all three. You have to find out which one your missing. Pull out a spark plug and hold it against the engine while a buddy tries to start the jeep. do you see a spark, Yes/No. If you have a spark have a buddy try to start the Jeep while you spray starting fluid into the air cleaner or carb. Did it try to start, if so you have a fuel delivery problem. Check as to why your not getting fuel. If it didn't try to start check and log the compression in each cylinder.

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