1. Total despair over rear fogs

    Hi I'm newbie and we have 2006 Grand Cherokee. In the UK we have yearly test called MOT (Ministry of Transport or Moment of Truth) Our jeep has failed this purely on absence of rear fog lights.

    Initially I thought it was my fault because I rewired tow bar socket but we got a mobile auto electrician who said it was the switch because when you operated it, the dashboard light flickered on and off. Sourced a second hand switch which my husband has just fitted and the result of switching on rear fogs caused all lighting to fail and battery to go flat.

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    Total despair over rear fogs

    I assume the rear fog light switch is the same switch as the front fog light switch. It is a part of the multifunction switch. Correct?

    I would start by checking the fuses. Then review the wiring for shorts.
    Locate tye ground point for the lights and make sure it is clean. You might unbolt and shine the connectors.
    Can you post a pic of the switch?

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    "Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up" - Jesse Jackson

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