1. bradleyheathhays

    Diagnosing this sound - rear wheel bearing?

    96 XJ here. A sound is coming from my driver side rear wheel area that started as what sounded like maybe a rock in the tread, small repeating tick the same frequency as wheel rotation, and now has developed into a more aggressive rubbing sound. Suspecting a bad bearing, I did the hard...
  2. offpistejeep

    2006 Jeep Unlimited LJ Frame - $4650 (Sparks)

    The frame is a brand new "Throttle Down Kustoms" frame. This structurally sound frame is black powder coated and is a stronger rebuild than a OEM frame. It is hard to come by, but essential for a frame swap or rebuild of the "Unicorn" 2006 Jeep Unlimited LJ. TDK Frame Manufacturing Process -...
  3. bradleyheathhays

    Left rear brake went kapow

    Me brakes all the sudden felt weak on the '96 XJ today and I get home to find the inside of my left tire coated with something coming from the drum. Looks like it all came out when I was stopped because it's all in one direction. So what am I looking at replacing here...probably the...
  4. S

    Jeeps and Pets

    Hi All, I posted in the general forum but will give it a try here. We just purchased a 2020 Wrangler Sport Unlimited to use for everyday driving as well as our tow vehicle. One thing we noticed is that when you put the rear seats down, there is a gap better the rear area and seats. We have 3...
  5. S

    Jeeps and Pets

    Hi All, Just purchased a 2020 Wrangler Sport S and looking for ideas for safe pet travel. Noticed that when up put the rear seats down, there a space between the rear area and back seats. Folks have mentioned placing blankets in the cervices to prevent the dogs legs getting stuck in there. Has...
  6. L

    '95 YJ Rear Frame Update Suggestions

    Hi. I am getting ready to repair the rusted rear frame of my '95 YJ. Eventually, I would like to make this jeep something that I can drive on the street (Limited duty only) and use at the local Off Road Park. So, before I buy a kit to repair the rear frame, should I look at...
  7. M

    Greeting from Romania

    Hello everyone, My name Alin-Alexandru Ionescu and I live in Bucharest, Romania. Last year I bought a 1991 2-door Cherokee for Graz, Austria with the intention of keep it nice and stock and get a registration as a classic vehicle (this applies for 30 YO and older vehicles that are in good...
  8. superj

    ford rear ends on jeeps

    everyone seems to like the ford 8.8 off the explorer but you never hear anyone say anything about the ford 7.5 from the rangers. i have always wondered why? i have an 04 ranger edge which has factory 4.10s and mine is not locked but tons are. and, according to the ranger guys, for them there...
  9. TerryMason

    Tips on replacing a 4.0 rear main seal?

    I've been watching a bunch of youtube videos on how to replace the rear main seal on my 2005 TJ with an automatic. From what I gather, I can drop the oil pan and access the rear main seal that way. It doesn't look too difficult, although it is a bit involved. -drain oil -take off starter...
  10. C

    2002 Jeep Wrangler Sport- 4.0Liter I6- Dana 44 rear axle - mint&no rust - 61,900miles

    2002 Jeep Wrangler Sport- 4.0Liter I6- Dana 44 rear axle - mint&no rust - 61,900miles For sale: 2002 Jeep Wrangler Sport TJ 2D 4X4 in Bright Silver Metallic. All original condition mileage : 61,900 miles (driven an average of 3,300 miles annually) Only 2 registered owners, from California. Mint...
  11. L

    1996 Jeep Cherokee Max Flex Stock

    Hello, Im new to this forum and would like some advice on getting the maximum flex out of a XJ while maintaining stock or very close to stock ride height. The way I'm building my Cherokee is a very practical overall vehicle for onroad and off-road application, which means I will be running stock...
  12. S

    Total despair over rear fogs

    Hi I'm newbie and we have 2006 Grand Cherokee. In the UK we have yearly test called MOT (Ministry of Transport or Moment of Truth) Our jeep has failed this purely on absence of rear fog lights. Initially I thought it was my fault because I rewired tow bar socket but we got a mobile auto...
  13. L

    Transmission and Axle advice needed!

    I've got a 1985 CJ7 with the T5 transmission. Seems that I need new synchros as 4th isn't smooth shifting into and reverse is popping out. Seems difficult to find anyone that works on manual transmissions these days though I know I can go that route, but I'm considering my options. I'm trying...
  14. GirlzJeep

    YJ rear driveshaft/pinion angle

    Edit. Looking for the best slip yoke eliminator kit & CV driveshaft to throw onto this girl. She dropped her rear driveshaft in the road. Brands or suggested dealers? Thanks a million!
  15. 0

    2004 WJ Axle Upgrade Options

    I picked up a low mileage 2004 Grand Cherokee for the base of a mild to medium overlander build. I am looking to upgrade both front and rear axles. I would like some help finding salvage yard axles that would be a good option for these upgrades. I'm leaning toward Dana 44 front and rear...
  16. J

    Axle question

    I have an 07 wrangler x. Has a DANA 44 rear and a front Dana 30 axle. if I change out my rear for something else, can I re use my Dana 44 rear on the front of my Jeep?
  17. S

    Curious if anyone knows who made or assembled the rear brake calipers especially pins

    Hey all fellow jeepers I am curious if any one knows who assembled or made the rear caliper brake assembly? I just did the rear brakes as they were completely shot at 35,000 km on my 2014 wrangler Sarah unlimited and the rear caliper pins where seized. Not an ounce of grease on the pins as I've...
  18. mrhc

    Rear seat modification to fold and tumble

    I have a rear fold and tumble seat as well as the brackets for my '79 CJ-7. My question is where do the side panel brackets go in the back? How do you go about getting them into the correct position? I don't want to drill holes and be wrong! Thanks in advance for the input. :???:
  19. B

    Check engine light, not gas cap

    2003 cherokee, code0455 large evap leak, replaced gas cap,checked what I could find of hoses. I have a weird slight knocking/tapping noise coming from the area between the gas cap and the rear bumper when the truck is running. Could this be causing the light to come on? Should I be worried...