1. G


    Why is my ABS WARNING LIGHT on?
  2. bradleyheathhays

    Dash brake light on after replacing rear brakes

    '96 XJ here and I've just replaced everything you can on my rear drum brakes, and now that they're done the red 'BRAKE' dash light is constantly on. I have sort of an idea as to why but no idea how to go about fixing it. This happened on both sides btw... When I had finished replacing...
  3. prariepunk

    Disappearing check engine code

    I went to dive my 2018 JKUR Recon manual transmission to work tonight & got a CEL & a code reading p050b "Cold Start Ignition Timing Performance". It didn't run any different than normal. I tried clearing the code but it didn't disappear. I ended up disconnecting the battery for 10 mins & that...
  4. bradleyheathhays

    Third tail light conversion of the third kind

    '96 XJ here and although I've got a 3rd tail light it only lights up when the brake is applied. Is there a way to bring that center light up to modern standards and rig it to stay on all the time (when the lights are on) and get bright when the pedal is pushed?
  5. T

    2015 JKU Headlight, marker light out

    I just had my Jeep in the local repair shop to replace the catalytic converters and had the valve cover gasket replaced. Got it back and have the driver side headlight out. passenger marker light out and both high beam headlights out. All were fine when I dropped it off... guessing something got...
  6. K

    2005 Grand Cherokee 4.7L V8 Oil Pressure Light

    Hi all. I recently completed a job on our 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee (4.7 V8). I had popped a rocker on the 8th cylinder, and the valve seats were busted on two others. (i have pictures). I replaced both cylinder heads with remanufactured, new everything inside the cylinder heads (valve, cams...
  7. J

    tail lights suck

    So my passenger side rear running light isnt working. the assembly is fine, everything work fine when plugged into the other side. There is no power to the wire that powers that running light. can i splice into the power wire for the driver side to power the passenger side. Or do i have to run...
  8. C

    Tire pressure light

    My pressure warning light came on this morning. I checked the pressure, I have 285 70 R17's or 33". They are all between 35-38psi. Which is the correct spec. I believe. It was cold this morning when it came on about 28F. Will the cold temp affect the sensor in the tire or should I just add more...
  9. S

    Total despair over rear fogs

    Hi I'm newbie and we have 2006 Grand Cherokee. In the UK we have yearly test called MOT (Ministry of Transport or Moment of Truth) Our jeep has failed this purely on absence of rear fog lights. Initially I thought it was my fault because I rewired tow bar socket but we got a mobile auto...
  10. superj

    tailgate third brake light contacts

    good morning guys!! is the access to the back side of those contacts for the third brake light accessed from the wheel area? i moved the black plastic a little and squeezed my hand up in but i couldn't feel the body side of those contacts. i ask because only the top contact is there so i...
  11. B


    I just hook up light pods in my wheel wells and under my jk. No my tpm sensor is on. Is this a coincidence or is there something I need to look for?
  12. C

    Brake Light switch supplemental braking

    Hello All I am trying to figure out what wire is what. I need to install a Road master Brake Pro 9300 Proportional Towed Car Brake Unit in to my 1993 Jeep Wrangler 2.5 5 speed I have attached the type of connector I need to tap into. This photo is the switch side, the plug/harness side has 5...
  13. D

    Check engine light came on after purchase

    So I recently just bought a 94 YJ with a 4.0l straight 6 with 134k miles on it. When I test drove it there was no check engine light on but when I took it home the next day and washed it the engine light came on with error code 21 & 33. 33 had something to do with the AC which it doesn't even...
  14. D

    TPMS sensors replaced, light still on

    Asked mechanic to replace 5 TPMS sensors - he did, light still on - found out today I have a donut spare and there isn't supposed to be a sensor in it - if I have him remove that sensor, will the light on the dash finally go out? I have an 09 Jeep Liberty Sport
  15. M

    TPMS and Power Mirror

    Hello Newbie here Picked up a 2007 Liberty sport v6 auto 4wd. The previous owner installed alloy rims and tires from "he said" a 2008 Cherokee, however they look a lot like my Wifes 2008 Nitro rims. Both mopars so one would think the tpms would be the same, butttt we all know ma mopar did some...
  16. Z

    Dome light and courtesy lights not coming on anymore in 95 yj

    I bought some new leds for my dash and soundbar dome light and when i was putting the 578 led in the dome light it lit up for half a second and then went out completely. Before this my courtesy and dome lights were working fine now neither will come on. I checked the dome light fuse and its...
  17. M

    Help with part time 4WD

    I very seldom move the 4WD selector lever. Today I did, because I needed it in neutral whilst working on the rear brakes. It did not move easily but now the light on the dash is lit up and I seem to be stuck in part time 4WD even with the lever back in 2WD. I have never really understood what...
  18. X

    Air Bag Warning Light - 2015 Jeep Renegade

    I bought my 2015 Jeep Renegade brand new. Within 2 years, the air bag warning light started coming on. I took it to the dealer, spent the whole day waiting for them to figure out why the light came on. They finally got it to go off. Few months later, same thing happened. This year, it's...
  19. L

    2007 Liberty Limited - IOD fuse location / ETC light is on and car won't start

    Thanks so much - I've gotten really great help here before, so! I've been disconnecting my battery periodically over the years to turn the check engine light off - also for a year or so, the 3 lights ABS, ESP, and Air bag lights come on intermittently when driving but they usually shut off by...
  20. P

    new here needs thoughts on Liberty

    Hi I bought a 06 liberty two months ago to use as a work vehicle. Three weeks afterwards the check engine light came on during a snow storm. code said catalytic converter. two days later however the light went off. the light has never came back on. the performance isnt great but not so bad that...