1. Bondopocalypse II

    Just finishing up this Bondorific patch job on my rocker panel (and opposite side rear panel section) and need advice on how to finish things up. I believe I've read that bondo can be spread as thin as you want as long as it has good mechanical adhesion, but I'm wondering as I do these last steps if I might could use something else meant for filing in more nuanced scratches and little valleys.

    Basically I've got both panels shaped about like I want (exposing some sheet metal along the way) and now I just need to fill in the 36 grit sanding marks on the bondo, cover the exposed aluminum, sand up to 800? grit, then go at it with color coats and then clear.

    2 questions are...

    - What should I use to fill in the bondo scratches and cover the exposed aluminum? body panels?...possibly some kind of high build primer?

    - What's the minimum grit you need to sand (the primer?) up to before applying the color and clear coats? I've been told anywhere between 400-800. For the bonding between the color and clear coats I'll be timing them to take advantage of chemical adhesion.

    note: Since this picture was taken I've added another skim coat of bondo to fill in those small bondo divots, but I should have those same 36 grit scratches after I sand it back down again.

    Bondopocalypse II-img_0343.jpg

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    Re: Bondopocalypse II

    They sell fine filler for when you get down to the final stages of sanding. Its in a tube and is orange. It should be right where the bondo is at in the store.
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    Re: Bondopocalypse II

    Sorry, its called spot putty
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    Re: Bondopocalypse II

    I usually finish sand the bondo with 100 - 150 grit. 400 grit is generally fine enough for sanding the primer. You use both the primer and spot putty to fill in the scratches.

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