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    HI, I hope one of you knows what could be causing this problem.

    My Jeep has the 4.0 6 with automatic and selec trac

    It usually cuts out when it is first started after sitting for a few hours or overnight.

    It will start fine, but when i start accelerating and get to around 10-15 MPH

    it will just cut out .

    It does not die, that is I don't have to start it because it only cuts out for a couple of seconds. I got this jeep with 40,000 miles on it, it did this back then and still does it today with 80.000.

    Does anyone have an Idea?



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    You have driven it for 40,000 miles with this problem?

    Have you checked for trouble codes?

    Does check engine light pop on?

    have you changed anything?[addsig]
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    There has been no check engine light. No codes back when i had it scaned.

    That's what i don't get, you would think something like that would set a code.

    The fuel pump is in the tank and this jeep acording to the dealer has no fuel filter.

    Thanks for the input.


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    Not that it helps but a friend of mine just bought the same GC and is having the same problem. Hopefuly I can fix it 4 her in less than 40K. [addsig]

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    A couple of things you might look at, is a sticky EGR valve. When my starts stalling in the first few minutes of driving that´s usually the first thing I check. There is a service notice to lubricate the actuating rod in the EGR at periodic intervals, which no-one I have ever talked to does.

    Another possibility could be the fuel shutoff or the fuel regulator leaking a little, causing some air to get in the lines.

    On the earlier models, the vacumn lines had a tendancy to clog up, that caused all kinds of minor problems. Blowing through them one at a time, isn´t a bad idea.

    Checking the function of your warm air flap in the front of the air box might also be, helpful, this is an often overlooked emission and cold running problem.

    Try riding the brake in the first few miles of driving and see if this doesn´t help. The brake light switch, disengages some transmission functions in electronically controlled transmissions. Might help to narrow it down some.[addsig]

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