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    Question Brake Problem on 1999 Grand Cherokee

    I'm a new member and I'm pretty impressed with this forum. I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee.4WD 6-cyl. I've had continuous problems with the front brakes ever since I've had it (5 yrs). The driver's side front brake sticks and will not release which causes it to vibrate and overheat and it puts a strain on the engine. Sometimes it comes out of it on its own and sometimes it doesn't. Today my husband and I were about 50 miles from home and the brake started sticking. It was putting such a strain on the engine that the temp went up to about 250 degrees. It finally came out of it and we were able to get home.

    I searched the forum and found suggestions of switching to performance slotted cross-drilled rotors. A couple of people said that solved their brake problems. Since it looks like I'm going to have to replace the rotor (again) I'm seriously thinking about trying the slotted cross-drilled rotors. I would appreciate comments or suggestions from anyone who has had this problem and how you solved it.



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    Re: Brake Problem on 1999 Grand Cherokee

    The rotor will not cause sticking, it's in the caliper. Change the calipers out for new ones.

    And welcome to the Z.

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    Re: Brake Problem on 1999 Grand Cherokee

    I agree with Bounty_Hunter. i also would recommend replacing the Brake Hose on the Caliper that got hot.. The Slotted and cross drilled rotors are a good upgrade for your brakes. it does not prevent the calipers from locking up but it enhances the stopping power and are known to keep the brakes cooler on heavy braking situations. and Welcome to Jeepz!
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