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    1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Multiple Issues

    I was recently given a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with the 4L in line 6 engine. It has some problems that I want to try and take care of myself. I have access to all the tools I should need, as well as a haynes book and a pdf of a Chrysler service manual. I also have a digital camera so I can post any pics that may help.
    The most recent problem is now all the sudden it wont start. It cranks and cranks but just wont turn over. I put a charger to the battery and tried to jump it and that doesn't help.
    Next the abs light stays on. Its obvious that the abs is not working. If I step on the brakes to hard on a dirt road they will lock up. But other than that they seem to work fine. I was told that the light came on after a crash through a snowbank that seemed to do no other damage.
    Next the part time light also stays on. Cant tell weather or not it is actually in Part Time. But it doesn't matter what position the transfer case lever is in.
    And lastly when accelerating from a stop or less than 15mph, If I try to accerate to fast it starts shakeing real hard. It feels like its comeing from the back end of the vehicle. It doesnt do it at all after your up to speed. And if I accelerate at a average speed its ok.
    Any and all assistance anyone can provide would be Most appreciated!

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    Re: 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Multiple Issues

    Let me give this a shot..First lets try to get it running. Check for spark and fuel. If neither one is present, i would suspect a bad crankshaft position sensor. ABS; if the yellow abs lamp stays on, the possibilities could be a bad wheel speed sensor, abs module or wiring issues. Its more likely that theres a bad wheel speed sensor but the question is, which one. Disconnect the sensor one by one and check the resistance values. The shaking issue could be a bad u-joint or a bad trans/ t.case mount..
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