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    Rear Pinion Torque

    I have a 2001 Jeep Wrangler 4.0L with a Dana 44 Rear Axle and was wondering if anyone knows the Torque Specs for the Rear Pinion Nut. Thanks again Jeepers!

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    Re: Rear Pinion Torque

    15lbs drag torque once set, its about 210lbs while holding the yoke.
    But it needs to spin with about 15lbs of resistance since there is no crush collar.

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    Re: Rear Pinion Torque

    How do you set the Drag Torque??

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    Re: Rear Pinion Torque

    You gradually increase the torque while occasionally checking the drag torque to see if it's within spec. The drag torque is generally checked with a in./lb. torque wrench.

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