Front axle swap on a jk


Hey guys it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here but my next challenge has arrived. I am putting a Dana 44 with E lockers on my Jeep Jk. The only problem is there are no brackets on my new axle. Is anyone aware of any full bracket kits for a Dana 44 or does anyone have a list of brackets I need for a bare axle. I also am replaced the back axle with one with E lockers and it’s also bare so if anyone has a kit or diagram for that one as well!

Can you use your current axles as guides? I know the spring perches can be bought almost anywhere, amazon, ebay, parts stores, etc
I can definitely use my old axle as a guide to where the brackets go however the tubing is a bit bigger with the 44. I’ve found some websites that sell brackets for the rear but not having much luck for the front
hmm, that weird. what diameter are the front tubes? i think you just buy the perches by the tube diameter and leaf spring width.

What vehicle is the Dana 44 coming out of?
Check Metal Cloak for weld on brackets

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