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    Suffocated by my 2010 Wrangler

    Hello All,

    I posted this same thread on my other forum (militaryjeepers), but wanted to get some input from other Jeepers out there.

    I bought a 2010 Wrangler Sport last week, and have already put over 900 miles on it.

    When I drive with the top down and the heat on full, I get really dizzy after about 20 minutes of driving. I took it to the dealer and was told that they had left some stickers on the exhaust. The heat from the exhaust caused the glue on the stickers to melt and the toxins from the glue were being pushed up through the cabin. The dealer removed the stickers and I assumed the problem was fixed.

    Well, I drive into work this morning with the top down and the heat blaring. It made me feel so bad I could barely stand up. I taking my Jeep to another dealer tomorrow to see if I can get a second opinion.

    Has anyone ever heard of this problem before?



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    Re: Suffocated by my 2010 Wrangler

    It's actually normal on all new vehicles. What your smelling is a combination of the part number tags attached on the exaust pipes and the coating on the exaust pipes.. You should let it idle for about 30-40 mins and the smell will eventually go away. When the vehicle is delivered to a Dealership, the prep. tech should have had the Jeep at idle as it's prep check is being performed then road tested for at least 5 miles.
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