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    If I was to change from a 2.5 to a 4.0 what in all would I have to change.....I am pretty sure that I would have to change the computer and the harness from the computer to the engine itself...I am not sure about the radiator....any help would be great...Thanks :-P [addsig]

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    To put in a 4.0 where a 2.5 once lived besides the engine you would have to change....

    Motor Mounts
    Wiring Harnass
    Exaust (or modify it)
    Transfer case (or put new input gear in it)

    and probably some other stuff as well...this is just what I can think of off hand. The fact is most people think that you can just "slap in" a 4.0 for their four banger lickity split. Its just not that simple. Alot of stuff is different. The stuff that I mentioned is just a few things. For the cost of putting in a 4.0 in your jeep you could probably put a fresh 350 because you would be changing out all those parts with it as well.


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    He's right, there's nothing easy about it, just as involved as swapping in a GM v8 or other popular swap. You WILL have to cut the motor mount perches from the frame and install new mounts, this is a point of no return You'd save several thousand dollars and a LOT of headache by selling the 4banger jeep and buying a 4.0L jeep, if that's what you really want. I like my 4banger :-D [addsig]

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    yeah, i agree with bounty, if you want the 4.0 and dont have a whole lot of custom mods on your jeep i recomend that you just sell it and buy one with a factory 4.0, it will be better installed and just all around a better way to do it, however if you want to keep you're particualr jeep, and want to put the ammount of money into it that it would cost to swap a 4.0 in you might as well go the extra tenth mile and put a v8 in her, depending on how mucn you spend on the engine transmission you can swap in a 350 for anywhere from $3500 (lowest i've heard) to $5000 (about average) up to $7000 if you go with all brand new/remanufactured stuff


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